Youth Organization Un-PAC Launches First Campaign Video To Pass the For the People Act

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Los Angeles, CA — Un-PAC, the largest national nonpartisan organization, galvanizing young people to pass democracy reform, has launched its first campaign video to pass the For the People Act (HR1/S1).

This launch video can be accessed HERE.

In eight weeks of being operational, Un-PAC has rapidly scaled its organizing program to hire over 65 student organizers (at $15/hr), has a presence in 22 states, who have established 38 campus chapters. In this same time, Un-PAC has contacted Senate offices over 14,000 times demanding passage of this democracy reform package, and has organized thousands of young people to pledge that their future votes depend on their Senators supporting and passing the For The People Act.

“We have little time to implement solutions to the big problems our generation faces,” said Un-PAC’s National Organizing Director, Joseline Garcia. “When young people aren’t seeing the change we believe in, we start to ask why? It’s very clear that our democracy is broken and not working for us, and that Congress is beholden to special interests and big money. The For the People Act is a package of reforms that any country calling itself a democracy should already have, but America doesn’t. We demand that the Senate pass this legislation now while they have the chance, or we will replace them with elected leaders who will.”

Otherwise known as House Resolution 1 (H.R.1) or Senate Bill 1 (S.1), this legislation is a powerful package of campaign finance and voting rights reforms currently being considered in the U.S. Senate. A strong majority of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, support the For the People Act. Despite this support from a politically diverse swath of constituents, extremely wealthy individuals have recently been exposed for conspiring with members of Congress, who are sympathetic to corporate interests, to block this legislation.

The bipartisan support this bill enjoys reinforces the potential of Un-PAC’s unique organizing strategy of nonpartisanship, and of recruiting young organizers, of all political persuasions, to be advocates for reinvigorating American democracy.

Un-PAC believes that fixing America’s broken democracy is the only way that Congress will become incentivized to address urgent problems this generation faces, such as climate change, crippling student debt, and systemic racism.


Un-PAC is a national organization activating students and young people to demand long overdue structural democracy reform so that we can actually solve urgent problems. Additional information can be found at, or on Twitter at