We are putting our bodies on the line to save our democracy.

Our Hunger Strike for Democracy relaunched on Thursday, January 13th! We can’t win without you! Sign up to join us!

On December 6th, 20 brave young people began an indefinite hunger strike in Phoenix, Arizona to plead that the Senate protect voting rights, end political gerrymandering, and get dark money out of politics by passing the Freedom To Vote Act this year. After meeting with Senator Sinema on Thursday, December 9th, they took their hunger strike to D.C.! On day 15, they temporarily suspended the strike when Senate Majority Leader Schumer pledged that the Senate would vote on the Freedom To Vote Act on or before MLK Day. Now, we have returned to DC and restarted our hunger strike to plead that the Senate pass the Freedom To Vote Act NOW.

Protecting our democracy is NOT a partisan issue, and ALL of our voting rights are under attack by dark money and a broken, outdated voting system. Conservatives, independents, moderates, liberals, and progressives are coming together to plead for federal intervention. President Biden and the US Senate must prioritize saving our democracy and passing the Freedom To Vote Act this year.

These young people would rather make this grave sacrifice than suffer the consequences of inaction on voting rights and money in politics. Will you join us? Please sign up below and let us know how you want to support!

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Un-PAC is a non-partisan organization activating students and young people to demand long overdue structural democracy reform so that we can actually solve urgent problems. Additional information can be found at www.un-pac.org, on Twitter at @LetsUnPAC, and Instagram at @un_pac.