117th U.S. Senate Introduces S. 1, the For The People Act; Youth Organization Un-PAC Applauds This Pivotal Step

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the Senate introduced the bill S. 1, the For the People Act. In response to this historic next step, Un-PAC’s Executive Director, Shana Gallagher, states, “We thank those members of the Senate so far supporting S. 1. It’s a promising step, but young people will not stop demanding accountability until this legislation is passed into law. Right now, our Congress doesn’t work for our generation, and we all know it. Passing the For The People Act is how we change that. The Senate must act swiftly to pass, and President Biden must sign into law, these common-sense reforms so that our democracy finally lives up to its name. They will risk losing an entire generation of young voters if they don’t”.

Un-PAC plans to continue organizing students and young people around this legislation and putting meaningful pressure on the current U.S. Senate to pass S. 1. A strong majority of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, support the For the People Act. This reinforces the potential of Un-PAC’s unique organizing strategy of reaching beyond the big Democratic tent and across the aisle, as they recruit young organizers, of all backgrounds, to be advocates for reinvigorating American democracy.

Un-PAC is the only prominent national group ensuring that at this pivotal moment, students and young people are advocating for the passage of the For The People Act. Un-PAC believes that fixing our broken democracy is the only way that Congress will become incentivized to address urgent problems this generation faces, such as climate change, crippling student debt, and systemic racism.

Un-PAC currently has a presence on over 200 campuses nationwide and employs over 60 student and youth organizers who are leading this monumental effort in their communities.


Un-PAC is a national organization activating students and young people to demand long overdue structural democracy reform so that we can actually solve urgent problems. Additional information can be found at www.un-pac.org, or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LetsUnPAC.