What is the #HungerStrike4Democracy?

On December 6th, over 20 brave young people from across the political spectrum began an indefinite hunger strike for democracy in Arizona in order to plead for passage of the Freedom To Vote Act. On Day 4, the strikers met with Senator Kyrsten Sinema. On Day 5, the strikers headed to Washington, D.C. to continue their indefinitely hunger strike at the White House! The group grew to include young people from West Virginia, Texas, Florida, Utah, and Virginia. On Day 15, after securing a meeting with the White House, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer pledging a Senate vote on the Freedom To Vote Act in January 2022, the strike was suspended.

Virtual #HungerStrike4Democracy

If we are going to get the Freedom to Vote Act passed, we need all hands on deck. That means our strike needs to grow to include more people from all across the country. We are therefore asking Americans who are concerned about our democracy to join us — virtually — in hunger strike. Because hunger strikes are dangerous and require doctor supervision, we are only asking for commitments of up to 48 hours.

If you sign up below, your name will be added as a hunger striker. We will send you a packet with all the information you need to walk you through how to do it (so no need to be afraid!). We will also make sure that both the Senate and President Biden know that you joined us.

The Strategy:

We hope to have Americans across the country join us in 48-hour virtual hunger strikes. We will leverage these Americans’ sacrifices to generate more media coverage, bring additional people into the movement, and pressure our politicians to prioritize protecting our democracy.

The clock is running out to protect our democracy before the 2022 midterms. This moment requires daring action and sacrifice. Thousands of people doing a virtual #HungerStrike4Democracy will help move our movement forward.

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